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  • One of your's on the big box last weekend. Garrison Minter takes first place in Chainbusters ,Cat 2, 14-19, 3 hour.....International Horse Park, Conyers GA. His lap times would have given him a podium in every category except Cat 1 40-49. Fast and strong on your training program. Thanks!

    Bart Minter March 2016 6 Hour Race Training Plan

  • Hey Drew, Great effort today. Looks pretty solid although it felt more up and down during the TT. Lot of stress today at work but it did not seem to have much of an effect. I believe that is a record 20 min TT. Thanks for getting us there. This is a really big milestone for me/us, over 350W for 20 minutes, that's just crazy good. Let me tell you how I really feel. So very excited. This made my day, week, month, year. I can do better!

    Troy Zimmerman 2015 National US Marathon Champion 50+ and Multi-State FSC Champ

  • Big thanks to Drew Edsall who was my coach for the past year and got me ready for the Leadville Trail 100. I was ready, I was strong, and I hit my goal. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

    Doug B. Leadville 100 Finisher

  • Thanks to your expert advice, training plan, and coaching skills... I not only met my goals, I exceeded them!! Can't wait to see what 2016 brings!

    Madison McDaniel Multi-time winner as Junior Racing Expert/Pro Class 2016

  • Training with Drew has been the best thing for my racing career. He has pushed me to limits that I didn't know that I could achieve

    Tim Zimmerman Expert 40+ Georgia State Cahmp, SERC Champion, Multi-time State Series Champ

  • The whole reason I bought this mountain bike training plan was to be competitive in the Tennessee XC State Championship. I had never even raced a Cat 1 race before starting the training program. This past weekend I became the Cat 1 15-29 State Champion.

    Chase Peeler Cat 1 15-29 XC Racer

  • Training with Drew has been the single most beneficial thing for my race career.  I could not have progressed as fast without Drew's expert advice & coaching.

    Lauren Gregg Cat 1 and Current Pro Mountain Bike Racer 2016

  • With the help of Drew Edsall I have met my goals and finished second overall in the Elite Florida State Championship Series in 2014 and then switched gears in 2015 to endurance racing and won the elite overall title in the Chainbuster Southeastern Endurance Cup 6 hour race Series. There are numerous coaches out there. The reason I chose Drew is because of his organization, engaging/challenging training plans, and most importantly to me, his racing knowledge and expertise.

    Dwayne Allgire Cat 1 30-39 XC and Endurance Mtn Bike Champion Elite Category 2016

  • Hi Drew, Just wanted to thank you for your training guide for Peter and I, we were very happy with our results this season (I got 3rd overall and Peter got 5th overall for the Florida State Championship Series) and felt the difference your training plan made in our riding.

    Brooke and Peter Cat 2 30-39 XC Racers


Mountain Bike Coaching

All coaches are current or past Professional XC riders. Learn from the best, be coached by the best, and be your best!

If you are looking to step up your game on the mountain bike, then you've come to the right place. Head Coach, Drew Edsall, has hand selected a group of Professional Mountain bikers to become your coach. Each of these hand selected riders also have the experience and knowledge to take you to the fastest and best rider you can be. Not only will they coach you, but Coach Drew will be there at your side helping along the way also. Here's the details:

The goal at Coachdrewedsall.com is to get each and every individual athlete better, faster and stronger. This includes a very high standard for all coaches. Each and every coach is a highly qualified Pro mountain biker and is thoroughly reviewed and taught how to combine their own knowledge with the latest race proven and scientific training methodologies to get you to your top potential. Every athlete Coach Drew has worked with has improved, and here at Coachdrewedsall.com, Coach Drew has developed a thorough business model to develop the best coaches in the Nation also. Here's a rundown of One on One Coaching:

All Coaches are Professional XC Mountain Bike Riders

The coaches are the most distinguished group of mountain bike coaches in the Nation. All the coaches are either current or past Pro mountain bike racers and have or are currently competing at the highest level. We believe that competing at the highest level gives a distinct advantage and experience that other coaches have not achieved. Pro mountain bikers have a desire to achieve the highest results, and know how to get there. That is something unique to athletes at the highest levels in all sport, and we are here to teach you how to get to your highest level using what we have learned both on and off the bike.

All Coaches Know the Science of Racing Mountain Bikes

In addition to our personal athletic achievements, all Coachdrewedsall.com coaches have learned and understand the Exercise Science behind racing mountain bikes. This includes the on-the-bike nutrition, mental strategies to success, hydration, the safe and effective Ergogenic aids, the training philosophies such as detraining/progressive overload/specificity/individualization, various periodization models, and the best equipment choices that help get you to your top notch shape.

Coachdrewedsall.com School and Education

All coaches that join Coachdrewedsall.com go through a personal assessment of their current and past background in Exercise Science and each coach is guided through applying this to you, the athlete. In addition to this, we believe communication is an extremely important part of your success, and at Coachdrewedsall.com we thoroughly review communication with all our coaches both through email, text and phone calls. We want to give you every opportunity and ability to perform at your highest level come race day. We believe every athlete who works individually with us is unique and deserves a unique training plan. That is why we have multiple training modalities and philosophies that apply to you and only you, and will vary between every athlete.

Personal Attention by both your Coachdrewedsall.com Coach and Head Coach Drew Edsall

To add to all this, not only will you be coached by your coach, but all athletes that are coached through Coachdrewedsall.com are closely monitored and reviewed by Head Coach Drew Edsall. This includes an initial evaluation of you with the coach you are working with, along with an initial conference phone call with you and your coach, and a quarterly phone call that Coach Drew has with each of his coaches to review each and ever athlete and make sure you are reaching and exceeding your goals.

30 Day Guarantee: We Believe in You and Will Make you Faster, Guaranteed!

There is a 100% 30 Day Guarantee with each and every coaching plan we have. We back each and every one of our coaches, and if for any reason you aren't happy within the first 30 days, we will get you ALL your money back!

How to get Started

Here's how the coaching at Coachdrewedsall.com works:

1) You select the exact individual coaching plan you are interested in below along with the specific coach you are looking to be coached by

2) Immediately after checkout, you will be sent an email with a questionnaire asking multiple questions that will allow us to completely dissect everything we need to know to make a program for you, and only you. We will begin looking over your entire background as an athlete (i.e. where you are and have been) and also reviewing your future aspirations as a cyclist (i.e. where you want to go).

3) Within 24-48 business hours, Head Coach Drew Edsall will be in contact with you setting up your first phone call appointment with the coach you choose. This first call will be a conference call between all of you to cover each and every bit of information we need to make sure the program is designed for you and only you. In addition to that, we will discuss the entire coaching process, answer any questions you might have, and start to get to know you as an athlete. This is the first step of many more to getting you faster, better, and stronger than you have ever been before!

4) After the first phone call, we will setup 3-4 more calls within the first month. These calls allow us to get to know you better as an athlete, allows us to make more changes to make sure the training/racing is going as planned, and also allows you to ask us any questions you might have. Many of these calls cover all the basics and fundamentals to training including nutrition, equipment choice, workout execution, power and heart rate baseline setups and zone setup, scheduling conflicts/adjustments, and allow us to see who you are and what training modalities will work best for you.

5) After the first month, you are moved over to the specific Coaching Plan (see below), that you choose.

To get started, pick the plan, pay your invoice, and we will get you going. From then on, you will be invoiced every month automatically at the same time every month.

If you aren't 100% sure on which plan you would like to go with, and/or would like us to reach out to you prior to you picking a plan, please fill out a Start-Up Form Here and we will be in touch very soon

If you are interested in joining Coachdrewedsall.com and being coached by the best of the best then all you have to do is sign up by selecting the program below, and within 48 hours we will have you talking with Head Coach Drew via email, and moving forward to being the fastest mountain biker you can be! Remember, there is a 100% 30 Day Guarantee. We strongly believe you will get faster, stronger, and better, and if that isn't the case we will get you your money back.

Meet our Coaches by Clicking Here


However, if interested in getting coached, but would like some help figuring out which plan to go with, then please fill out the start up form here: Coaching Start Up Form

Breakdown of Mountain Bike Coaching Plans:

  • Training Programs

  • Communication

  • Training Blocks

  • Training Peaks Account

  • Plan Adjustments

  • Detailed Workout Analysis

  • HR Training | Zone Setup

  • Power, Testing, & Zone Setup

  • Nutritional Advice

  • Professional Equipment Advice

  • Sports Mental Training/Advice

  • Performance Chart Evaluation

  • Monthly Cost

  • One Time Start Up Fee

  • Semi-Custom

  • 1 Email every month / 1 Client Initiated Phone Call every 2 months

  • 8 Week Blocks

  • Basic

  • 1 time every month

  • 2 Key workouts initiated by client every 2 months

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • No

  • $100 Monthly

  • $150 One Time Fee

  • Sign Up Now with Coach Luke

  • Sign Up Now with Coach Jerry

* One on One Coaching working on skills work, workout execution, efficient riding, and equipment setup is available with Coach Drew for $65.00 per hour for the Basic, and Basic-Plus Programs. 1 Hour of One on One Coaching per month is Included with the Premium Program. This applies to when Coach Drew, Coach Luke, or Coach Jerry are in your area. Please inquire for more details on this.