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  • One of your's on the big box last weekend. Garrison Minter takes first place in Chainbusters ,Cat 2, 14-19, 3 hour.....International Horse Park, Conyers GA. His lap times would have given him a podium in every category except Cat 1 40-49. Fast and strong on your training program. Thanks!

    Bart Minter March 2016 6 Hour Race Training Plan

  • Hey Drew, Great effort today. Looks pretty solid although it felt more up and down during the TT. Lot of stress today at work but it did not seem to have much of an effect. I believe that is a record 20 min TT. Thanks for getting us there. This is a really big milestone for me/us, over 350W for 20 minutes, that's just crazy good. Let me tell you how I really feel. So very excited. This made my day, week, month, year. I can do better!

    Troy Zimmerman 2015 National US Marathon Champion 50+ and Multi-State FSC Champ

  • Big thanks to Drew Edsall who was my coach for the past year and got me ready for the Leadville Trail 100. I was ready, I was strong, and I hit my goal. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

    Doug B. Leadville 100 Finisher

  • Thanks to your expert advice, training plan, and coaching skills... I not only met my goals, I exceeded them!! Can't wait to see what 2016 brings!

    Madison McDaniel Multi-time winner as Junior Racing Expert/Pro Class 2016

  • Training with Drew has been the best thing for my racing career. He has pushed me to limits that I didn't know that I could achieve

    Tim Zimmerman Expert 40+ Georgia State Cahmp, SERC Champion, Multi-time State Series Champ

  • The whole reason I bought this mountain bike training plan was to be competitive in the Tennessee XC State Championship. I had never even raced a Cat 1 race before starting the training program. This past weekend I became the Cat 1 15-29 State Champion.

    Chase Peeler Cat 1 15-29 XC Racer

  • Training with Drew has been the single most beneficial thing for my race career.  I could not have progressed as fast without Drew's expert advice & coaching.

    Lauren Gregg Cat 1 and Current Pro Mountain Bike Racer 2016

  • With the help of Drew Edsall I have met my goals and finished second overall in the Elite Florida State Championship Series in 2014 and then switched gears in 2015 to endurance racing and won the elite overall title in the Chainbuster Southeastern Endurance Cup 6 hour race Series. There are numerous coaches out there. The reason I chose Drew is because of his organization, engaging/challenging training plans, and most importantly to me, his racing knowledge and expertise.

    Dwayne Allgire Cat 1 30-39 XC and Endurance Mtn Bike Champion Elite Category 2016

  • Hi Drew, Just wanted to thank you for your training guide for Peter and I, we were very happy with our results this season (I got 3rd overall and Peter got 5th overall for the Florida State Championship Series) and felt the difference your training plan made in our riding.

    Brooke and Peter Cat 2 30-39 XC Racers


Mountain Bike Training Plans: Cross Country Specific Plans

Pick and choose from any of the following mountain bike training plans. Every plan has multiple options to select from based off your current level of fitness, time to train, and goals for the training plan. When you click on the link, you will be taken to Training Peaks where you can find more detailed information about the goals, levels, and time commitment needed for each training plan.

These training plans can be used with Heart Rate, and/or Perceived Exertion The training program will walk you through getting your heart rate zones set up, and then provide detailed directions each day for your workouts. The plans are easy to follow, and straight forward. These plans can also be used with power. Contact Coach Drew Edsall, drew@endurancefactor.com, for details on setting this up.

Need help picking a plan. Fill out a short questionnaire to get the training plans that best fit your time to train, goals, ability level, and races for the year. Click here for help picking a training plan

Strength Training Plans $16.95

You can add any of these strength training programs to any other mountain bike training programs. It is meant to supplement those workouts and help you build your strength off the bike.

This is a 6 week strength routine for mountain bikers. The program is 3 days a week and can be added separately or added in addition to any current mountain biking training program you are on. To do this, start the strength training program on the first day you want to start this program.

The goal of this program is to build core strength off the bike that will help prevent injury and make you more efficient and effective when on the mountain bike.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Training Plan $79.00

This is a great training plan to start your training season off with.

This 2 month mountain bike training plan will work on building your Base. The major focus of this plan is to get your body prepared with a great foundation to build on for racing season. Your rides will continue to get longer and harder as the program progresses. The main focus is on longer rides, sub threshold work, and muscular force work.
This training plan is the foundation for your racing for the year. It will help you come into the season riding faster, will help with recovery between hard effort/days, and will set you up for new personal record power and speed on the trails.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Training Plan $79.00

This is a great training plan to start 4-8 weeks before your first race of the season. It is good to plan to start your racing either during this plan or right after it.

This 2 month mountain bike training plan will build your high end, or race fitness. The programs main focus is on increasing intensity. The high priority rides are hard, intense, and shorter intervals along with longer race specific work on the mountain bike trails such as Time Trials on a local course you have nearby. In addition to this, the program includes longer rides strategically placed throughout the program on the weekend's to maintain your aerobic fitness and power you have. This program will set you up to ride strong and consistent throughout the entire race. The focus of this training plan includes increases in your VO2max, nueromuscular power, and threshold. In addition to this there are strategically placed workouts meant to maintain your aerobic power built up prior to this.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Build and Race Peak Training Plan $99.00

This is a great training plan to start 4-8 weeks before your first race of the season.

Over the 4 months of training, this mountain bike training program will build your "racing fitness" so you come into the season strong. The first month is a "Build" month with key emphasis on VO2max, nueromuscular, and Threshold increases. The two months after that are "In Season" race months. The first two months will be a combination of hard workouts, long sustained rides on the weekends, and mountain bike specific Time Trials and Trail technical work to have you riding fast and flowing on the trails. Your fitness will continue to build throughout this program and you will be set up to be fresh and riding strong for all your races.

This training program will have you at peak mountain bike race fitness 10-12 weeks into the training plan.

Cross Country Mountain Bike In Season Race Peak Training Plan $79.00

This is a great training plan to start when you are already or about to start racing, and would like to peak in 4-6 weeks. This training plan will set you up to peak for your race season. Typically most riders pick their most important race to peak at. This training plan should start 4-6 weeks before your peak race.

This training program focuses on continuing to build your mountain bike race fitness. Key rides will include a combination of high intensity intervals, mountain bike specific trail Time Trials, mountain bike start practice, and threshold building intervals. This mountain bike training plan will build your fitness and have you in your peak shape to set new PR's on race day.

In addition to that, this training plan takes into account the importance and options of racing throughout the season. Starting your first weekend, you will have the option to race or do a breakthrough ride on the weekends when not racing.

Cross Country Mountain Bike 2nd Race Peak Training Plan $79.00

This training plan will set you up to peak for the second time this season. It is best to start after a break from training. It would be best to time the start of this program 4-6 weeks before your planned 2nd peak.

This Mountain Bike Training Plan is a 2 month training plan geared toward the racer looking to peak for the 2nd time this year, and who wants to see fitness built while racing. The training plan takes into account the importance and options of racing throughout the season. Starting your first weekend, you will have the option to race or do a breakthrough ride on the weekends when not racing.

The 2nd Peak program is meant to get you to another peak at the end of your season. The first month is focused on building up your fitness level and the second month is meant to bring you to a peak for the last two weeks of the program.

This two month program using a combination of High Intensity intervals, Pmax intervals, VO2max, Threshold and aerobic maintenance workouts to get you recovered for racing, and also build up to a second peak.

Off Season Training Plans: Cross training, indoor training, and strength training $34.95

This is great plan to start your off season training with

This is a 6 week routine for Off Season Cyclist(road, cyclo cross, and mountain bike). Focus is on a combination of xtraining, strength work, and indoor/outdoor cycling.

Each training program will introduce you to the routine where you will have multiple xtraining options(you choose what you have). In addition to this, you will strength train 3 times a week to work on building strength in the off season to help prevent injury next year, and also build muscle that will help put more power to the pedals when the training starts to pick up.

Also, you will ride 3 days a week, either indoor or outdoors(depending on what you can do). These workouts are set up to maintain what you have worked so hard to build in season. They are short and sweet!

The goal of this program is to re-motivate and recover your body both mentally and physically. This program will keep your fitness high, while also working on weaknesses that typically develop for many athletes in the off season.